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Steelcase innovated B-Free

Steelcase innovated B-Free, successful furniture range designed for welcome and informal spaces.

B-Free Lounge is a family of 7 simple elements for welcome and informal spaces. It can be tailored to the needs of each user and be reconfigured to optimize space over time. B-Free Lounge creates focal points where people can meet, communicate informally or work together.

B Free Lounge reflects that work is a social activity. It helps to foster communication, collaboration and learning, allowing chance meetings to speed up the flow of information. B Free Lounge fits perfectly into receptions, lobbies, hallways, cafeterias, breakout areas etc. You can create many interesting combinations by using adjustable privacy screens, flexible storage, innovative organization tools, easy access to power and data, and personal lighting.

Additionally, the new power units offer better quality, including Aluminum case, and optionally, a new universal fixation.