Linstram - Steelcase Authorized Dealer Čeština


Workplace consulting

Workplace consulting is a service where we will guide you step by step through the process that leads to interior that is optimal both from functional and aesthetic point of view. Such an interior that will help you achieve your strategic goals in the key areas you selected. 

When consulting we use "Interconnected Workplace" methodology which helps us with proper analysis of your needs, space planning and proposal of the optimal standardized workstation. All the outputs are based on information obtained from the detailed analysis.


Space planning

Professionally designed space plan is a necessary basis in process of designing the functional interior.

Our space planners have extensive experience in creating space plans for various companies, from small and medium firms to multinational corporations.

We are ready to provide the client with a preliminary space plans that are necessary for a qualified selection of building as well as detailed space plan of the final solution  including the proposal and specifications of standardized workstations.


Interior design

Creative architectural solution helps to build up a positive image of our clients, increases motivation of employees and contributes significantly to the corporate culture creation, brand building and to the meeting of the strategic corporate objectives.

In close dialogue with client, our creative team of architects, space planners and interior consultants is prepared to create an architectural concept of interior or building, including suggestion of materials, colours, design of receptions and nonstandard interior elements, flooring, acoustic measures, modifications of walls, lighting, navigation systems and flower arrangements.


Spatial optimization of buildings

Spatial optimization of buildings is another service that we offer to our clients and developers. Based on tight cooperation with the client, the developer, architect and designer of the building, we are ready to optimize both existing and emerging projects.

The process results in completely functional, efficient and flexible space fully complying with all requirements of the client or developer.


Delivery of interiors
Delivery of interiors

Linstram offers comprehensive services and supplies of commercial interiors including Workplace Consulting, space plans processing, architectural design, fit-out supplies, flooring, partitions and other parts of the interiors.

Our main activities include supplies of typified and special furniture, seating furniture, design and technology products, interior decorations, flowers and other related products.


Office furniture and design

We represent a range of reputable manufacturers of office furniture and designer furniture. Thanks to this cooperation we are able to meet the individual needs and expectations of each client flexibly.

We are certified partner of Steelcase, world's largest office furniture manufacturer. For more than 100 years, Steelcase develops and manufactures innovative products with an emphasis on quality, ergonomics and timeless design. Steelcase also focuses on research of new trends and modern office working styles. Based on these findings, unique furniture and technology products are developed. These products show the direction in the field of administrative interiors.


Movable partitions

Our company produces several types of designer adjustable partitions. We offer both single glazed and double glazed, frame and frameless partitions.

We also supply manually and electrically operated folding interior partitions that are very useful for dividing rooms, conference and convention halls, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

All our products excel in design, acoustic performance and easiness of adjustability.


Floor covering

We supply commercial floor coverings from reputable manufacturers designed for diverse spaces such as offices, hotels and restaurants or retail spaces. Our product range includes floor coverings of various types and designs, broadloom carpets, carpet tiles, laminate, vinyl and wood flooring.

In the Czech market, we are authorized to represent Desso, one of the leading manufacturers of commercial carpets. Desso's innovative strategy focuses on three key areas: Creativity - Functionality - Cradle to Cradle.


Interior realization

Within the comprehensive realization of interiors, we provide a wide range of services, including project documentation assuring, complete fit-out supplies, project management and many more services and supplies.



Linstram ensures complete realization of fit-outs from architectural design through project work to constructive modifications of the interior, supplies of floor coverings, partitions, lighting, air conditioning, wiring, measurement control, shielding technics and nonstandard elements.


Project management

Our experienced team provides clients with complete project management including negotiations with authorities, coordination of all construction and interior subdeliveries, project implementation within the deadline, in accordance with the work schedule and within the agreed budget.


Installation, maintenance and removal services

We consider professional installation, flexible customer service and reliable relocation services to be the necessary basis of good collaboration and long term satisfaction of our clients. In order to ensure the highest quality of our services, they are performed exclusively by our permanent staff.

Linstram also offers comprehensive relocation services, including preparation of logistic project, removal of furniture, storages, IT equipment and personal belongings of employees.