Linstram - Steelcase Authorized Dealer Čeština
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Linstram implemented adjustable partitions for the new EY headquarters

EY company chose Florentinum office building as their new headquarters.

The delivery included more than 1,000 meters of glass adjustable partitions. The project involved aluminium frame partitions RTS in white, single glazed and double glazed frameless aluminium partitions and several adjustable acoustic partitions in the conference rooms.

The goal of developing Florentinum is not only the construction of the building itself, but also the development of the surrounding area. Penta is in tune with the history of the area and sensitively incorporates the Florentinum project into existing structures. Despite its breathtaking scope, Florentinum is more a part of the city than merely a solitary structure. Florentinum is generous in its mass, but humble towards its surroundings. One of its most important messages is its timelessness and respect for the needs of space. For Florenc and the immediate vicinity, this aim means a fundamental step towards the overall renaissance of this area. Florentinum will therefore restore the historical significance and urban character to this interesting and important part of the city centre.

The developer is the Czech-Slovakian investment group Penta. Penta has been operating in real estate development since 2005 and plans to invest EUR 1.1 billion by the year 2018. Florentinum is its 12th project and its first in the Czech Republic.

Florentinum is an administrative commercial complex which manages to satisfy the highest demands for building functionality and efficiency, effective configuration of individual spaces and, last but not least, a quality environment. It offers tenants accustomed to the highest standards an attractive and representative workplace. The measure of this standard is Penta itself which, through the Florentinum project, is merely creating its own idea of the ideal headquarters.