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Coalesse is proud to introduce the Less than Five chair

Made entirely of carbon fiber, one of the strongest and lightest materials available in today’s world of engineering and design

Designed by Hong Kong based designer Michael Young and Coalesse, the <5_MY chair combines ultra-lightness with exceptional performance: the chair weighs less than 5 lbs and can support up to 300 lbs. The unique material and manufacturing process exemplifies innovation while also allowing for customization of colors, patterns and finishes.

As Michael Young states: “The chair’s structure and form was developed as a result of working with a factory that is known for exceptional high performance bicycles. This technology is ideal for the development of an exceedingly lightweight stacking chair. We wanted to design a carbon fiber chair that is truly functional and ergonomic.”

John Hamilton, Director of Design at Coalesse adds, “I've been working with Michael for a couple of years now and when we started the process we decided that we didn't just want to make a carbon fiber chair and we didn't want to make a gallery piece—we wanted to make a real, industrialized solution.” He further reflects on what has been achieved: “Our design and engineering came together to express something very efficient, optimized, and smart - through an amazing new material and process.”

The <5_MY Chair stacks up to 4 high for convenient storage and provides a solution for a variety of environments