Linstram - Steelcase Authorized Dealer Čeština

Linstram is Platinum

Linstram was awarded 2016 Steelcase Platinum Partner.

Company Linstram  was selected among the 14 Authorized Steelcase Dealers in Europe (from a total number of 90 partners) and 46 Authorized dealers around the world (from more than 750 partners), after the company fulfilled the 3 award criteria including reaching sales goals, financial strength and meeting Steelcase dealer co-brand requirements.

The partnership between Linstram and Steelcase provides our customers with unparalleled access to comprehensive research, analysis and insights into how we work today. As the industry worldwide leader, Steelcase is constantly engaged in research to ensure our clients stay agile. These insights help organizations achieve a higher level of performance by creating work environments that unlock the promise of their people.