Linstram - Steelcase Authorized Dealer Čeština
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More than 15 years of successful cooperation with Nestlé

In 1999, the Linstram company was chosen as a supplier of complex reconstruction of two office buildings in former Modřanské čokoládovny factory.

Subsequently, Linstram has delivered office furniture, seating furniture, adjustable partitions and flooring.

In 2006, Nestlé moved into the new office building designed by Ing. Arch. Martin Kotík. Linstram won the tender for the supply of office furniture and it keeps supplying the client with Steelcase products mainly until now. Historical volume of cooperation amounted to 60 million CZK. Currently, the headquarters of Nestlé is equipped with 423 Fusion Bench workstations, Reply chairs and Please chairs. We also supplied 4.200 square meters of Airmaster, a high-quality carpet that improves the environment by reducing the amount of fine dust in the air.

The last project included the design and delivery of several informal zones. The requirement was to create areas that would comply with design of key marketing brands of Nestlé company. Newly created zones had the colours of Studentská pečeť chocolate, Dolce Gusto coffee, Jojo candies or Maggi soups. The zones allow the Nestlé employees to change habitual stereotypes and to spend a part of the time in a little more pleasant environment while communicating with  colleagues or relaxing with a coffee.

In 1992, Nestlé became one of the earliest and most important foreign investors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Nestlé has established a distribution company called Nestlé Food in Prague. The company has built a business network that provided the domestic market once again with traditional brands such as Nescafé instant coffee, Nestlé baby nutrition and MAGGI culinary products.

Nestlé has become one of the strategic partners in the privatization of Čokoládovny a.s. and Chocolate. This step has enabled it to take up the long tradition of homemade chocolates and candies building strong brands such as ORION, DELI, GRANKO, BON-PARI, JOJO or Hašlerky.

In 2001, Nestlé Česko company was formed by the merger of Nestlé Food and Nestlé Čokoládovny.