Linstram - Steelcase Authorized Dealer Čeština

New Headquarters of Natland Group

Linstram finished new offices for Natland Group.

NATLAND Group is an investment and financial group, which actively seeks and evaluates investment opportunities in the sector of medium-sized companies. Long-term experience, the ability to accept a higher investment risk thanks to the prevailing ratio of equity investment to debt service and the capability to dynamically react to market changes ensure the group’s long-term successful development.The founders and owners of the group are Tomáš Raška and Jan Koťátko, who directly participate in its strategic management.

NATLAND Group concentrates its business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in two key areas. The main pillar of the group’s business is financial services. NATLAND Group provides its retail clientele with consumer loans and non-bank financing and provides medium-sized companies with restructuring, mezzanine financing and tolling financing.

The second pillar of NATLAND Group’s activity is investment. The group engages in corporate investment, most often in the form of distressed assets or venture capital. Approximately 30% of the group’s investment is directed to the strategic area of real estate. Both pillars represent an optimal diversification of the financial resources and risks of the group, thus creating one of its key competitive advantages.