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New HQ for Kooperativa

Kooperativa is a member of Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) and the second largest insurace company in the Czech Republic.

Kooperativa was established in 1991 as the first commercial insurance company in former Czechoslovakia. Currently its share of compulsory insurance exceeds 20%. Kooperativa is an universal insurance company offering full range of services and all standard types of insurance for individuals as well as company clients from small businesses to large industrial companies. 

This project began by idea of building a new headquarters of Kooperativa pojistovna, Vienna Insurance Group (“VIG”) and Ceska podnikatelska pojistovna Business Insurance, VIG. Both companies expected that the joint headquarters would provide them with an inspiring environment that would support internal communication and corporate culture of each company.

Linstram provided a complex consultancy on interiors including detailed interior space planning. Moreover, Linstram delivered frame and frameless glass partitions, nonstandard interior of foyer and external meeting rooms, furniture for the Board of Directors and top management and highly representative conference halls.