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Red Dot Award 2012 for Desso

Desso has received a ‘Red Dot: Product Design’ Award for its ‘Visions of’ carpet line.

The red dot is a quality seal for aesthetic forms and lasting trends, handed out each year during one of the most renowned design contests in the world. 

This year, 1,800 manufacturers and designers from 58 countries participated in the contest. A jury consisting of 30 international experts tested and evaluated a total of 4,515 products in Essen, Germany. Desso’s Visions of has an elaborate and innovative product design, according to this year’s jury.

Desso-CCO Alexander Collot d’Escury: “Developing this award-winning product line was challenging on both esthetical and technical grounds. The high level of expertise of our teams in both fields and their close cooperation has paid off. Winning this award, of which we are very proud, is a great acknowledgement of their effort. For Visions of, our teams have adopted a new way of producing a carpet, which makes the - usually invisible - primary backing visible. We also changed the standard ways of printing a carpet. We combined both in such a way that there is a layered effect between the visible primary backing and the pile material.” The ‘Vison of’ product line has many customizing opportunities, in addition to the standard of three different patterns and multiple color ways.