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Reply and Reply Air

Reply office chairs range has four major advantages: flexibility, comfort, simplicity and sustainability.

Over the last years, individual work has dramatically changed. Users are often collaborating and are mobile within a space; thus motion through the workstation is the key to face the decrease of personal space. Acording to a Steelcase IPSOS workplace survey, 46% of European employees declare that they suffer from back pain at least once a week. 63% of them recognize not to adjust their chair (TNO). 

In response to the latest trends in office working, Steelcase has announced the launch of its new high-performance seating range: "Reply" and "Reply Air " task chairs that combine innovative designs with specialised technology to respond to a user’s every need. The "Reply" portfolio has been designed with 3 core objectives in mind: immediate comfort, simplicity and customisation. The range offers 2 alternative styles to maximise choice in terms of design and functionality.
Isabelle Le Gall, Director Seating for Steelcase International, said: “We spend nearly 9 years of our life seated at work. It’s vital that we are comfortable and supported. Reply has been specially designed to provide dynamic support to the 3 key parts of the back, the thoracic, lumbar and pelvic areas.

"Reply" "traditional" features 2 densities of foam for balanced lumbar support, as the upper and lower back regions require different kinds of support. The upper part of Reply’s backrest contains dense foam, while the lower part is covered with a pillow of soft foam. "Reply" "traditional" also proposes an innovative upholstered fabric. Its electro-welding property offers a 50% higher dry speed versus the standard upholstery; and its pattern creates additional air circulation allowing a higher dry speed when users perspire.