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Share It - intelligent storage solution

Share It provides modular system of varied design aiming to improve the performance of both people and workplace.

Steelcase, the global leader in the office furniture industry, introduces Share It - new intelligent storage solution.

Steelcase understands  that efficient use of space has never been as important as it is now. As a result of changes in working  styles, the traditional storage systems are becoming redundant. Share It is designed to fit the way people want to work today.

Thanks to its modularity Share It allows structuring of space and enables the use of office space previously identified as redundant. Storage units are used both as a room dividers and the communication zones for teams. Moreover, they also absorb noise. Share It system consists of lockers, personal and shared storage and storage for conference rooms.

With Share It is easier to work effectively in a team while maintaining the workplace tidy and organized. "Touch down" points with integrated storage can be used for informal discussions and impromptu meetings.


Share It was designed specifically to the needs of modern offices. Steelcase produced Share It with a focus on maximum use of space while maintaining its quality.  Nina Daum, Product Development, Steelcase International, said: “Storage is often seen as the poor relation of office furniture, but our design team have set out to change this. By incorporating storage facilities with other furniture concepts and developing a range of modular units, we can now bring storage centre stage. Storage is not simply about having a place to file papers. It’s about maximising efficiency, improving productivity and making the right resources immediately available in the right place. The launch of Share It offers an affordable and adaptable product that gives freedom to the user while still retaining the essential Steelcase quality and styling. We are certain that clients will find the product innovative and easy to use. With multiple working configurations, this is one of our most versatile products”.