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Steelcase launches Volum Art, a synonym for a complex storage solution

Volum Art family is a diverse group of individual pedestals, mid-size cupboards and large cabinets.

Open plans in workplaces are expanding and companies need to adapt the office furniture accordingly. In order to integrate well-being in open-plans, users need more privacy, collaborative areas and emotional connection to their work environment. Volum Art is the solution in today’s spaces to ensure inspiring workplaces.

Volum Art offers a unique mix of material with a clean, and architectural design. Its modern aesthetic pairs nicely with a various range of office furniture giving the workplace an harmonious look and feel. With Volum Art, workers will find a welcoming and inspiring environment.

Volum Art is available in a wide range of surface materials such as glass, melamine and metal. Its slim pedestals available for workstations and slim storage solution fit in every space.

If you are looking for a truly comprehensive storage solution, Volum Art is a good choice. 

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