Linstram - Steelcase Authorized Dealer Čeština

Space Planning



Professionally designed space plan is a necessary basis in process of designing the functional interior. 

Within the scope of our space plan we provide layout solution of meeting rooms, informal areas, receptions, technical centres, kitchens, locker rooms and both individual and shared storages.

We can also prepare simulation of future expansion, scenarios of flexible use of existing space, dimensional space plans containing floor boxes, plans for floors covering fitting and space plans including existing furniture.

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When creating space plans we draw from our experience, unique know-how as well as from profound knowledge of the building and its technical possibilities. We always strictly follow all applicable safety and hygienic regulations and standards.

We consider it very important to analyze client's needs, organizational structure, internal processes and working styles, information and communication flows, technological and spatial requirements.

We believe that professional space plan that reflects specific needs of a particular company and that respects individual client's requirements for functionality, efficiency and flexibility of the space can only be based on this profound analysis and dialogue with client.

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